Pee Dee Fishing Adventures- Robbie Burr, Fishing Guide
-PO Box 494 Lilesville, NC 28091 - (704) 695-2587

" Available Trips "
I offer a variety of trips in hopes of maximizing your time and enjoyment while
fishing with me.  All trips are furnished with me - the guide, the boat,  and all
fishing equipment.  You will need to bring your
fishing license, drinks, snacks,
sunglasses, sun screen,  appropriate clothing and a cooler to carry your fish

" Trophy Blue Catfish "
These trips are in the lower Pee Dee between Blewett Falls Lake and Cheraw S.C.  
You can expect to catch 5 -25 blues on a full day trip with an average size of 30lbs.
This trip is available for 4hr, 8hr or 12hr, with a maximum limit of (4) fisherman. You
may keep all fish under 20lbs. Any fish over 20lbs will be released.

" Trophy Flatheads"
These trips are on Blewett Falls Lake or down in the lower Pee Dee, day or night
from May until November.  This trip is available for 8hr or 12hr with a maximum limit
of (3) fisherman. You may keep all fish under 20lbs. Anything over 20lbs will be

" Just Plain Catfishing"
These trips may be on Blewett Falls lake or the river below, depending upon were
the bite is best. We will be targeting catfish in general and may catch blues,
flatheads or chanels. This is a good trip for beginners, children or the entire family.
Its available for 4 or 8hrs, year round, with a maximum of (4) fisherman. You may
keep all fish under 20lbs.

" The All Nighter"
This trip is for the serious catfisherman. We can fish on the lake or down in the
lower Pee Dee for trophy blue and flathead catfish. This trip is 12 hrs and a
maximum number of (3) fisherman.

" American and Hickory Shad"
We will be fishing for shad below Blewett Falls Dam. If you like catching fish with
ultra light tackle, you will love this. The shad fight really hard, weight between 1 and
5 pnds and some people enjoy eating them or the shad roe. Creel limits are (10)
shad per licensed angler. These trips are 4hrs long between March and June.
The shad can also be caught on a fly rod.

" Mullet Fishing"
We will be in the Pee Dee River fishing for mullet. They can be caught on ultra light
tackle or a fly rod. This trip is 4 hrs from June - October.